Welcome to Newberg Animal Shelter Friends

NASF is a fundraising organization for the Newberg Animal Shelter.
We do not rescue animals and we cannot help you with intake or adoption of the Newberg Animals.

Call these numbers for LOST OR FOUND Pets or to ADOPT an animal from the shelter:

Newberg Animal Control: 503-537-1243
Newberg Police Dispatch: 503-538-8321
Yamhill County Dog Control: 503-434-7538
Newberg Animal Control website.

W e are a 501(c3) non-profit charity, EIN 90–0208522. We are an ALL volunteer team, we have no paid staff. NASF members are dedicated to conducting fundraising events for the construction fund for a new shelter.

See our Events page for upcoming events!

Background of old shelter (no longer in existance):The original animal shelter located at 921 S. Blaine Street went into operation on June 15th, 1976. It was built by Newberg High School as a senior project and was meant to be a temporary facility. It is 20’ X 20’ with one window. There are no outdoor kennel runs. Only 7 dog kennels and 6 cat cages are available. Over 300 animals per year go through our shelter.

New Shelter March 2013 (see photo below): The animals are now moved from the old shelter to the new!!!! The shelter does not have 'open' hours at this time. Please make appointments by calling the animal control officer phone numbers listed above. The shelter can house a limited number of animals at this time because only half the kennels have gates. Before the shelter can have open hours, the following must be completed:
Gates installed to the north kennels
Outter fencing installed
Refrigerator for the food prep room
Reception desk to be built and installed
Finish work to molding and windows
Additional Volunteers Trained

Future needs: Medical room equipment, grooming room equipment, additional cat kennels
If you are interested in donating equipment, material or labor, please contact Rick Lipinski at 503-538-2449.

Interested in volunteering? We need volunteers to do the following: walk dogs, clean kennels, laundry, grooming, and more.
Please fill out the Volunteer Application PDF and mail to Newberg-Dundee Police Department, Animal Control Division, P.O. Box 970, Newberg, OR 97132. THANK YOU!

Please see our "Wall of Fame" at the site. We are thankful to many of our contractors for their extra efforts and donations of time and/or materials.
To support the construction and insure there is funding for all phases of the project, see our Construction Specials PDF. This is a great opportunity to sponsor or give the shelter a sustainable income for on-going support. If you want to donate time or talent or products to the construction process, e-mail Rick Lipinski, Project Manager

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Current Shelter - click to enlarge

NASF Mailing Address:
901 Brutscher St. STE D PMB 107
Newberg, OR 97132-6099

New shelter at 1591 S. Sandoz Rd